Legal Legs 

"Because We Do The Leg Work"

At Legal Legs Ltd we undertake a wide range of services across the South East on behalf of Criminal Defence firms situated all over the country.

We pride ourselves on delivering a professional, client-focused service and treat client care and confidentiality with the highest regard.  We are committed to ensuring that all documentation and correspondence, along with personal and financial information are all stored, handled and disposed of securely in line with current GDPR guidelines.  

Legal Legs Ltd and all representatives of this company appreciate and acknowledge that we are acting on behalf of our clients in the capacity of their caseworker or legal representative.  It is therefore our promise to you that we will treat your clients and their personal information with that very same regard. 

Keeping our clients happy is of paramount importance to us, we therefore strive to provide all of our clients with a prompt and efficient service with a quick turnaround on all work undertaken and will always ensure that deadlines are adhered to.  It is our job to alleviate the burden of casework that weighs our clients down, so that salaried staff are utilised efficiently by keeping them where they are most valuable to their firm.  This in turn reduces the necessity of costly external agents and thereby keeps profits higher across the board and not just on that one file.

Get in touch to see how we can assist your firm and allow us to to what we do best - Because We Do The Leg Work!